Transam Euro and Stevens-Miller Racing partners to actualise the link Europe- USA

As we announced at the beginning of July, the Transam Euro and Trans Am USA companies concluded a partnership in order to offer drivers, who had decided to set their sights on the Transam product, to take part with equal delight in competitions organised on both sides of the Atlantic. A collaboration made possible by the constructor of the renowned TA2 machines, Howe Racing.


The link process between the European and America continents has just cleared a new stage, in the form of an agreement with an illustrative team renowned in the field of the Trans Am competitions in the United States, Stevens-Miller Racing.

” In fact, it was decided that Stevens-Miller Racing will be the team that will welcome the European drivers longing to discover motorsport in the USA via one of its most emblematic disciplines, the Trans Am, Lucie Storez-Gueudry, CEO of Transam Euro explained. And this team was not chosen haphazardly as it boasts one of the most prestigious record of achievements in the discipline. Since 2013 Joe Stevens’ crew has claimed two titles and finished thirty times on the podium. Not to mention the countless trophies on offer in the Trans Am competitions. Enough to offer European drivers so wishing to be taken in hand by a top team, which could assure them of swiftly making headway in the disciple. ”

The key to Stevens-Miller Racing’s success is our clear-cut communication with the drivers, honest and outspoken, Team-Owner Joe Stevens explained. Our workshop team provide the drivers with top of the range equipment, which always goes the distance, something essential in this type of competition. Our aim is to make sure that our drivers retain their enthusiasm for the formula, providing them with equipment living up to their talent each time they take to the track.




In a nutshell, European drivers interested in discovering the Trans Am on American soil and wishing to find out more about the costs of such an experience are kindly invited to contact Lucie Storez-Gueudry (

Prior to giving drivers the green light, we would ask them to provide us with details regarding their experience gained in motorsport, the Transam Euro CEO continued. It should be noted that Trans Am USA analyses the background history of each competitor prior to giving the ‘Go’ to take part in a competition. It’s a matter of trust between the various parties.”



Confirmation of this partnership between Transam Euro and the Stevens-Miller Racing team once again proves the Trans Am discipline’s solid seating on European soil, and the close ties between both sides of the Atlantic. Enthusiasts take note …

Information: Pierre-Yves Rosoux +352 661 511 067