The Transam Euro Camaro dazzles during the 4th meeting of the CER-GT at Jarama

Following the important episode of the 24 Hours of Zolder, which allowed the Transam Euro Camaro to speed up its development in an “endurance” configuration, the muscle car headed off for Spain with a view to competing in the fourth and penultimate meeting of the CER-GT series, scheduled last weekend on the legendary Jarama circuit, in Madrid.


And the least one can say and write is that its driver, the Spaniard Jose Roger Chalmeta, made good use of it …

During the 24 Hours of Zolder, undoubtedly the most demanding endurance race when it comes to the mechanical components, numerous evolutions have appeared on the Transam Euro TA2, Pierre-Yves Rosoux, the Transam Euro representative explained. Major work was also carried out regarding the engine cooling, the brakes and the cockpit. It was precisely this car that was transferred to Jarama, in order to continue with its evolution process, this time in the context of the CER-GT championship. Taking into account the results notched up, we can state that the car continues to evolve in the right direction …”



In front of a large crowd, with CER-GT races organised as part of the popular t Truck Grand Prix of Jarama, the Transam Euro Camaro twice won the C2 category in GT, Chalmeta even ending the weekend on the second tread of the podium in the overall rankings, all categories combined … “Not only do these results confirm the hard work put in on the car up until now, but they are more than promising for the future, Pierre-Yves Rosoux continued. The presence of the Transam Euro definitely did not go unnoticed in Madrid, a good omen for what is still to come.”

While the final round of the CER-GT will be held in November on the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit, in the Transam Euro ranks they intend continuing their seduction operation and offer all drivers who so wish the opportunity to discover the sensations brought about with such a machine … “We will in fact be taking advantage of the pleasant Catalonian climate to organise test days at the end of this year, as also during the beginning of 2019, Pierre-Yves Rosoux commented. As such the dates of the 17th and 18th December have been programmed. Additionally, another Transam Euro should be competing in a full championship in 2019. It is somewhat early to formalise this, but it looks promising …”

All drivers or teams wishing to get to know the Transam Euro concept better should visit our official website or contact Pierre-Yves Rosoux at or by telephone on +352 661 511 067.