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Transam Euro 2019 … Let’s go !

Transam Euro 2019 … Let’s go !

After its 3rd place in the 2018 edition, Transam Euro is coming back in the Spanish championship : - 5&6 April : Navarra - 25&26 May : Alcaniz - 22&23 June : Valence - 12&13 October : Jarama - 9&10 November : Barcelone   And for this new...

Championship 2019

NAVARRA > 06/07 APR 2019
ALCANIZ > 25/26 MAY 2019
VALENCE > 22/23 JUN 2019
JARAMA > 12/13 OCT 2019
BARCELONA > 09/10 NOV 2019

Transam Euro Cup is joining the 2019 CER-GT championship for its own Cup 2019. It will have its own category, classification and podium.

A real racing car with nonstandard dimensions and indisputable performances.

Reliability, horsepower, finish…


The car

Transam Euro and Stevens-Miller Racing partners to actualise the link Europe- USA

As we announced at the beginning of July, the Transam Euro and Trans Am USA companies concluded a partnership in order to offer drivers, who had decided to set their sights on the Transam product, to take part with equal delight in competitions organised on both sides of the Atlantic. A collaboration made possible by the constructor of the renowned TA2 machines, Howe Racing.

Feedback of the 1st Transam Euro race weekend in 2018!

The Camaro TAE was the last weekend in Valencia for its beginning in competition. As we have told you, Transam Euro was in a development mode for this meeting. It was a good test to control the development of the car with rims in 18” and Michelin tires. This weekend...

New year, new project for Transam Euro

2018 is the year of the Transam Euro Cup: Famous tracks, sun, a pinch of movida… A nice show is coming...Ready? The 2018 TRANSAM EURO Cup will be organized within the CER-GT Spanish Championship and will have its own official category, podium and classification.

It’s only the beginning!

For the traditional weekend of the Spa Euro Race, in Spa-Francorchamps, the Transam Euro Racing made the show with a second car and the two podiums of the pilot, Hervé Maillien.
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