Further victory for the Transam Euro in Spain and presence assured in the Benelux in 2019

In the wake of convincing results clinched in the penultimate meeting of the CER-GT series on the Madrid’s Jarama circuit, once more the Transam Euro Camaro performed brilliantly last weekend in the final round of the Barcelona-Catalunya competition. Once again at the wheel of the machine of US origin, the Spaniard Jose Roger Chalmeta claimed another success in the C2 category in GT, going head to head with the various Mosler, Ginetta, Vortex and other machines out of the GT4 category at the front of the pack. The Transam Euro finished in 3rd place overall, imposing itself as one of the top players of this Hispanic competition. In fact, various teams are casting an envious eye on this Transam Euro, whose Mustang version was presented in the Catalan paddock. Curiosity success guaranteed !

In the meanwhile, with a view to the 2019 sporting season the heavy work continues. And Transam Euro can proudly announce that a TA2 model will take part in the full Belgian endurance championship, namely the Belcar Endurance Championship, entered by Jerry De Weerdt’s BRAXX Racing structure.

To be able to count on a muscle car full time in a championship such as the Belcar Endurance Championship is undoubtedly a great showcase, Pierre-Yves Rosoux, in the name of Transam Euro commented. All the more so seeing this national competition will be calling on the circuits of Zolder, Spa-Francorchamps, but also the TT Circuit Assen in the Netherlands! One bit of good news often brings on another, a second Transam Euro TA2 will also be on hand for some of these Belcar races. We will have the pleasure of seeing it and hearing the roar of the muscle car’s fabulous Transam Euro V8 in the Benelux next season !”



Important to note that the team of the second Transam Euro to appear on Benelux soil has in no way been set. This will evolve according to the proposal of the drivers wishing to test out a maximum amount of sensations. Those wishing to get behind the wheel of the Transam Euro will have the opportunity to do this on the 17th and 18th December on the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya, but also at the beginning of 2019 in Spa (date to be confirmed), during one of the full- scale test days. Any driver or team wishing to find out more about the Transam Euro concept can now visit the official website www.transameuro.com, the Facebook Transam Euro page, or contact Pierre-Yves Rosoux at the py@transameuro.com address.


www.transameuro.com / Facebook: Transam Euro – @Transameuro

Information: Pierre-Yves Rosoux py@transameuro.com