Feedback of the 1st Transam Euro race weekend in 2018!

The Camaro TAE was the last weekend in Valencia for its beginning in competition.

As we have told you, Transam Euro was in a development mode for this meeting. It was a good test to control the development of the car with rims in 18” and Michelin tires.

This weekend has been a success for the mechanic part. It was planned to make only few laps in 18, but finally and regarding the car behavior, the TAE makes the entire meeting in 18”.

There are little adjustments to proceed, but the weekend has strengthened our expectations! With this new configuration, the car has showed its potential…
The car takes the starting grid with the 14th rank, but after the 1st hour of race, the car was 2nd. Unfortunately, another car has hurt the TAE nad has forced us to abandon…

There are damages but the development part has been validated !
The car is fast, incisive and nice to drive.

Thank you to the drivers José Roger Chalmeta et Pierre-Yves Rosoux.

See you in Motorland (Alcaniz)for the next meeting of the CER.

If you want to drive the beast, contact :