22 / 23 June 2019

Third meeting of the Transam Euro Cup and the CER-GT championship

Valence track, known also under the name of Ricardo Tormo, is a track of 4,005km, with 14 curves, situated in the neighborhood of Valence.

A beautiful weekend is coming!

For this meeting, 2x48′ + 1 lap

Championship 2019

NAVARRA > 06/07 APR 2019
ALCANIZ > 25/26 MAY 2019
VALENCE > 22/23 JUN 2019
JARAMA > 12/13 OCT 2019
BARCELONA > 09/10 NOV 2019

Transam Euro Cup is joining the 2019 CER-GT championship for its own Cup 2019. It will have its own category, classification and podium.

A real racing car with nonstandard dimensions and indisputable performances.

Reliability, horsepower, finish…


The car

Valencia race track



This is a really nice car, easy to drive. It makes me think to the US Nascar, with its V8 engine and its wonderful noise.

Michel Disdier

NASCAR Driver, Team SS-Green Light

Recommendations …


El Barrio del Carmen :

The oldest district of Valencia where you can walk in the small alleys, drink sangria and stroll to the place “Ayuntamiento” to discover it marbled place and its spectacular fountains …

By night …

The Gabbeach:

A lounge restaurant in the most beautiful beach of Valencia, known as well for its traditional cook as for its festive aspect “until the end of the night”…

Passeig de Neptu 30, Playa de las Arenas