BRAXX Motors appointed Transam Euro dealer for the Benelux

BRAXX Motors appointed Transam Euro dealer for the Benelux and will be developing an “endurance” version of the 525 bhp muscle car


The development process of the Transam Euro continues to run its course, and this Thursday morning, the machine powered by a 6,2 litres V8 unit developing no less than 525 bhp was presented to the media in the Antwerp region, in the BRAXX workshops of Jerry De Weerdt. Not truly by chance as it involved officialising the role of official dealer for the Benelux for the Belgian team, that will also be taking charge, in close collaboration with the highly experienced Marc ‘The Goose’ Goossens, of the development of the car’s ‘endurance’ version.


By associating ourselves with Jerry’s BRAXX Racing structure, we are first and foremost demonstrating that NASCAR Euro and Transam Euro are in no way competitors, but in fact complimentary, Lucie Storez-Gueudry, CEO and owner of Transam Euro explained. Quite clearly the idea is to offer teams and/or drivers the opportunity to take on our product, available with the bodywork of either Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger, in different competitions with semi-endurance or endurance races. Hence the reason, in collaboration with this dynamic and highly professional team, that we will be focussing on further evolving the product with a view to the longer type of races … “

But BRAXX Motors’ involvement does not end there, seeing Jerry De Weerdt’s structure will also be ensuring the maintenance of the different Transam Euro already entered and present or shortly to become so on the old continent. “As a down and out enthusiast of American automobile competitions no way could I remain indifferent with the Transam Euro’s many assets, Jerry admitted. What is interesting in the case of this car is that it is accessible, both from a purchasing price – 120,000 euros – and ‘running costs’, and that the car is eligible to compete in countless championships. The Transam Euro, with its snarling power, the absence of any electronic assistance and its spectacular look makes it an excellent race schooling for the younger ones, and as a machine offering one hundred percent of pleasure for the gentlemen-drivers hungry for sensations…”

I see the Transam Euro as the missing link between, for example the Fun Cup, and competitions of the GT3 or TCR type, Pierre-Yves Rosoux, the man in charge of Public Relations added. In terms of costs/performances ratio, it is an unbeatable product and possible to enter in championships or series such as the Belcar, the BGDC, the Supercar Challenge, and so forth. In no way an exhaustive list, giving a team the opportunity to quickly recuperate its investment.

In the course of the coming weeks, Marc Goossens, an expert when it comes to American competitions, together with Pierre-Yves Rosoux, will be getting to work and increasing the test sessions in order to further develop the car with a view to endurance events or those regarded as such. “In the first instance we will be modifying the car with a view to making it more efficient over long distances, by swapping the 15” wheels for 18’ ones’, Marc Goossens explained. And privileging a central lug nut instead of the five traditional nuts on the American race cars. The aim is also to understand and work out how we could ease the mechanics work, and this through improving on the accessibility of certain technical elements. In a nutshell, we are going to adapt the car, without in any way impairing the concept.”

In the long run, the new team’s objective taking care of the destiny of the Transam Euro is to set-off the creation of ‘challenges’ in different competitions. In a first instance it is the promotion of a product that will be showcased, a question of generalising it in various European countries.


 Information: Pierre-Yves Rosoux +352 661 511 067